Yes, Dad’s are AMAZING at birth too!

June 18, 2016
Doula Pamela

Yes, Dad’s are AMAZING at birth too!

One of my favourite things about birth – is the dads! I could list all the reasons why I love birth (and it would take you a really long time to read it), but one of the top 10 reasons I feel so lucky to share in such a monumental moment with families is watching it through the father’s eyes. (que Eric Clapton, “Look into my Father’s Eyes”)

Birth doesn’t have to be scary and intimidating. With the right support, dads can know what to expect and what their partner wants! Fathers hold hands, slow dance, hold the space, catch their babies (with help of course), motivate and of course get teary eyed. Some of the countless reasons we love them!

In honour of Father’s Day this Sunday, here are a few recent captures of the day these men became fathers (or fathers again)!
To all the fathers, soon to be fathers, and those working on creating new life – HAPPY FATHER’S DAY. 

(all images posted with permission: Thank you to my amazing clients for letting me share)


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